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Charm bracelets tell a life story

Hi my name is Chris. I’m a silversmith based in West Yorkshire, I design and create silver jewellery.

A friend of mine asked me to create something special for his wife’s charm bracelet for her birthday so the next day I visited a large popular shop looking for inspiration.

There were many customers with pushchairs and young children. A little girl dropped a toy that rolled to my feet. I picked it up and as she came over to retrieve it she smiled and I noticed her front teeth were missing. That was it, I had found my inspiration….I asked my friend if he had kept his children’s baby teeth. He said yes. I told him about my idea He gave me a small box containing the first front tooth of both his two children.

For the next three weeks I worked rigorously to make an identical sterling silver tooth casting that could be added to a charm bracelet. After several attempts and alterations I finally produced something beautiful which also had emotional meaning.

I did not show the finished items to my friend I simply gave them to him in a sealed box and said. “Trust me just give it to your wife on her birthday.”

In the box were 2 silver charm carriers each displaying an attached silver tooth, one from each child, there was also a small bag containing the original teeth.

Days later I received a thank you card from his wife saying she was amazed at the craftsmanship and detail of the product and ended her message with

“I will look at the charms  everyday knowing I am the mother and guardian of my children who I will love and protect no matter where life leads them.”

I had achieved my goal to design produce and present a meaningful, emotional, unique item to add to the charm bracelet storey

I am very proud of my achievement and believe other people may wish to own one too.

Cast in solid silver, no two teeth are the same they are almost like a fingerprint. Totally individual and unique.

Thank you for your precious time.


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